Warranty Conditions.

  1. Proof of Purchase and Warranty card and or order number must be emailed back to QCD Boards within 10 (Ten) days of purchase to validate warranty claims.
  2. This warranty is valid for ninety (90) days from purchase on defective construction.
  3. Valid ninety (90) days from purchase on faulty materials.
  4. Accidental or forced damage is NOT covered.
  5. Boards repaired or replaced under warranty will be returned freight pre-paid.
  6. This warranty extends only to the original purchaser.
  7. Claims without proof of purchase and warranty card will not be recognised by the manufacturer as a warranty and any repair costs, freight and other disbursements paid will be the customer’s responsibility.
  9. Damage caused by placing a plug in your board is not covered.
  10. Damage caused by dropping the board is not covered.
  11. Damage caused by leash and other accessories is not covered.
  12. Damaged caused by any form of heat is not covered. (This includes the sun, heat from your car etc.)
  13. Damage caused by over flexing is not covered.
  14. Boards subject to abuse and misuse are not covered.
  15. Damage caused by collision is not covered.
  16. Dents or depressions on boards from elbows and knees are not covered.
  17. Excessive force from either a wave or rider causing damage to the stringer system or core is NOT covered.This includes snapping or breaking in half stringers or core stringers penetrating deck skin.
  18. Damage caused to the stringer system by incorrect leash plug placement is NOT covered. On all models marked Carbon Fibre Stringer – Single the leash plug must be inserted 10cm to the left/right of the centre to avoid contact with the stringer. On all models marked Carbon Fibre Stringer – Double place plug in centre to avoid contact with stringer.
  19. All warranty claims must be authorised by the manufacturer or their authorised agent prior to forwarding for claim or repair.
  20. Under this warranty the manufacturer has the rights at their option to repair or replace any bodyboard that shows defective construction of faulty materials. This repair may alter the appearance of the board.
  21. Any bodyboard that is repaired (glued etc) by anyone other than the manufacturer will NOT be recognised as a warranty claim by the manufacturer and any alterations made by the manufacturer to repair alterations by another party will be charged accordingly plus freight.
  22. Boards not authorised as a warranty claim will be repaired at the manufacturers discretion and all costs for repairs as well as any other disbursements will be the customer responsibility.


The manufacturer, distributor or the seller shall not be liable for any death, injury, permanent disability, public injury, either direct or consequential arising from the use or inability to use the product by the user. The product must be determined before purchase by the person to be suitable to the user and the user then assumes all risks and liabilities whatsoever is using the product in connection here within. The foregoing shall not be altered unless authorised in writing by the manufacturer.

Board Care.

Ok, so here’s the lowdown, We took the time to make the best qcd board we could, so you can enjoy the ride as long as possible, all we ask, is you have a quick read through this and care for your board, the way we do.

  1. Heat is your boards No.1 enemy. To avoid warping on the boards rocker and blistering of the slick keep it out of the heat and direct sunlight including hot places like your board cover, on hot sand, or in the boot of the car as temperatures can reach over 60oc.
  2. Shade is your boards best friend, so use it.
  3. When your board has been in the heat it is more prone to creasing so before you use it place it in the water to cool down.
  4. When duck diving you must place your knee on the deck of the board, DO NOT duck dive with your knee in the crest of the tail, this will damage your slick.
  5. This is a bodyboard not a skim board. Avoid all contact with the abrasive substance, we call sand.
  6. On all models marked Carbon Fibre Stringer – Single the leash plug must be inserted 10cm to the left/right of the centre to avoid contact with the stringer. On all models marked Carbon Fibre Stringer – Double, place plug in centre to avoid contact with stringer.
  7. Try and use a water sealant like spongerez when you plug your board. If you are not sure, ask someone who is.
  8. Always wash your board in fresh water after each session.
  9. Avoid impact on board nose and tail edges, or with sharp objects.
  10. Make sure you read and understand all warranty conditions and terms so that we can give you the best service possible.
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